2014 Ningbo International Travel Exposition

2014 Ningbo International Travel Exposition will be held from Sep.5-7, 2014 at Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center (NICEC), China. The organizer is Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

2014 Ningbo International Travel Exposition is a starting project for Ningbo Tourism Festival in 2014. During the exhibition, Social Benefiting Policy of Ningbo Tourism Festival will be announced, and massive of Tourism Couponswill be distributed. The exhibitors of 2014 Ningbo International Travel Exposition will launch their preferential policy. Moreover, 2014 Ningbo International Travel Exposition will have performance and display a variety of tourism products, delicious food will also make customers appreciate world customs through tasting the local characteristics food.



Exhibitor's Profile:
1, Domestic & Overseas Travel Agencies, Sight Spot, Holiday Village, Theme Park, Museum, etc.
2, Travel Service Provider: Travel Agency, Domestie Tour Operator, Airlines, Hotels, Roadhouse, Car Rental Company, Online Travel Service Provider, Travel Media, etc.
3, Travel Facilities: Outdoor equipment, Cabin, Recreational Vehicle, Camping Facilities; Loose Pulley, Yacht, Water Facilities, General Airplane; Recreation Facility
4, Food, Souvenirs and relate Tourism Products 5、Overseas Wedding and Youth Overseas Study Tour


Name: Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: Rm 7C05,Hall No.10, No.181 Huizhan Road,Jiangdong, Ningbo,Zhejiang Province,China
Tel: +86-574-8725 4013
Fax: +86-574-8725 4017
E-Mail: [email protected]

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