1. Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center(LFC)

LFC is located in China`s furniture capital--ShunDe.   It covers area of 120,000sq.m. with total construction area of 183,000sq.m, for the single construction area, the center is the biggest one in the world at present.

LFC was founded in 2000 years. From now on, LFC had held the China (Lecong ) International Furniture Fair six time Successfully, is provide a platform for Lecong furniture market joining the International furniture market. There are more than 400 famous brand furniture. sell different type furniture such as sofa, Bedroom suit furniture, Living room suit furniture, Office furniture and soon. In a word, they have excellent design and best quality, the furniture can satisfy the need of people of different culture background, and different hobbie.

The Louver EurAmerican Furniture Plaza is beside LFC. there are wholesale market including sofa, office furniture and others furniture style which also are highlight of Lecong international furniture market.


2.Tuan Yi International Furniture City

Address: Tuan Yi Internationa lFurniture City, Guangzhan Road, LeCong, Shunde, Guangdong.


3, Foshan China Ceramic City 

4, Other Furnitures Markets: 

Furniture Wholesale markets in Guangzhou are located in Fangcun, Guangzhou Da Dao South, Huangpu Da Dao, and Dashi in Panyu. Some stores are specialized in rosewood, antique, hard redwood furnitures. Some stores are in home furnishings and mattress.

Jiangnan Da Dao Furniture Wholesale Distribution Center 

Tianhe Huangpu Da Dao Furnishing Center

Haizhu Guangzhou Da Dao South Furniture Center

Fangcun Rosewood Furniture

Fangcun Huadi Furniture Center



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The diaolou of Kaiping are fortified multi-storey towers, built by returning Chinese immigrants. They display a fusion of Chinese and Western decorative forms. The towers were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, when there were more than 3,000 of these structure.

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