How we work

1, Transparent Handling WITHOUT any hidden commission.

It might be normal for many agents to charge fees from customers and also hidden commission from suppliers. We will never do this! Since the first day of our company established, it is the very clear and the first guideline for all staff that, the only way to build long term friendship and business relationship with our customers is to do our best to create as much value as we can for our customers. So we will make clearly statement on contract that we get NO hidden commission from suppliers. We also provide you with suppliers’ detailed information for your random check.


2, Professional sourcing with rich experiences.

With years of experience as sourcing agent in China, we have rich experiences in sourcing for customers from all over the world and we covered a wide range of products. With our professional sourcing service, we can locate the potential suppliers without wasting your precious time. It is really time-consuming process to source in a different country which you are not familiar with. Please use our expertise to accelerate the process and save all troubles and inconveniences.


3, Customer No.1, we create values for you.

This is the principle and mission of our company. You interests and values will come first. We work as your office in China. We adhere to strict guidelines to keep close watch to your goods and make sure your orders are fulfilled correctly according to contract. We stand on your sides, think on your shoes and guard your interests.


4, We stick to competency-based selection of suppliers.

Our customers headaches from previous experiences is that, some agents they use related relationship and get quotations only from limited close circles. As we keep emphasizing, we value our customers the most, so we do all studies on markets to make sure you get the most competitive price at the required quality standards.


5, We work as your office in China.

Suppliers won't be careless or lose their attentions on fulfilling your orders as you have us as an office in China to follow up the orders. You will receive process reports during different periods of procedures. Once we find out any mistakes or delays, this will be reported to you right away with solutions and we can deal with suppliers to correct mistakes.


6, We also sign non-disclosure agreement for keeping your new product highly confidential.






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The diaolou of Kaiping are fortified multi-storey towers, built by returning Chinese immigrants. They display a fusion of Chinese and Western decorative forms. The towers were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, when there were more than 3,000 of these structure.

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