Onelink International Plaza – Toys & Gifts

Onelink International Plaza – Toys & Gifts

Onelink International Plaza is the largest wholesale markets for gifts, toys, home decorations, jewerlries, accessories and so on. It is located at the No.39 Jiefang South Road, at the cross point of Jiefang South Road and Yi De Road. You can take subway line2 and reach to Hai Zhu Square station (exit B1).

At the street corner, you will find many shops selling holiday decorations and also LED lights. After you enter the front gate, turn left, you will reach to the middle hall. There are 8 floors of shops.

If you go to -1Floor, you will find all kinds of stuffed toys, schoolbags, and plush toys.

Floor 1 to Floor 3, you will find all kinds of gifts, souveniors, jewerlries and also daily necessities, phone accessories, speakers, airplane models and so on.
Shop owners always keep putting on new and interesting stuff. So you find it a great pleasure to go around.
Floor 4 to Floor 7, there are more shops for home decorations: ceramics , paintings, lights, bedding articles ,antiques and big ornaments.
When you ask for the price, the shop keeper usually will ask first if you just buy one or wholesale. They dont require big quantity for wholesale, usually if you are buying 6 or 12 pcs(sometimes mixed styles), you can get wholesale price and it makes big difference, wholesale price is about half down comparing with retail price.

8Floor, it is the paradise for artificial flowers and plants. You can also buy delicate crystal here.

It is surely the great place to visit if you are taking kids with you, you may also find great business opportunities to wholesale from the markets as there are many very new models and styles with great potiential markets outside.

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