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We send our QC people to manufacturers, to conduct Initial Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Loading Inspection, ensure the quality of goods to meet customer’s standards. Such as, material quality, color and finishing, size and specification, performance,quantity, packaging and other quality requirements.

To send QC reports to customers with remarks of quality status and photos of production, any quality defects will be reported to customers immediately and solutions will be offered.

1, Initial Production Inspection

At the beginning of production, our inspectors will check on the quality of main components, material and accessories according to clients' specifications and/or reference sample. It thus permits timely corrections and improvements before the mass production is initiated. Any non-conformity will be reported immediately to avoid delay in delivery.

2, During Production Inspection

According to the clients' requirements, during production time, we fully check the quality of semi-finished and finished products and also find out the manufacturing schedule, manufacturing technique and identify any deviation and offer improving measures for the production in the following phase, forecast production effectiveness and estimated production finishing time.

3, Pre-Shipment Inspection

The inspection takes place when production is finished, make sure goods are correctly completed, packed, marked and ready for shipment. Our inspectors randomly draw some samples from finished goods or do 100% inspection, to verify that the finished shipping lots conform to the client's specification and reference samples (if any).

4, Loading Inspection

Our inspectors will reach appointed factories, warehouses or loading place to check products' basic information, quantity and package when loading.Supervise the loading process and help manufacturer finish loading conforming to the clients' requirement. Take on-site photos for the clients' reference.

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The diaolou of Kaiping are fortified multi-storey towers, built by returning Chinese immigrants. They display a fusion of Chinese and Western decorative forms. The towers were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, when there were more than 3,000 of these structure.

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