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Why do you need us?

Your suppliers can not communicate with you well in English?

Your suppliers have not export license and don’t know how to operate?

Your suppliers can not accept foreign currency ?

Your suppliers are carelessly to make wrong products or mistakes all the time?


1, Save time: Sourcing is really time-consuming process.

2, Focus: You don’t need to deal with all different suppliers by only joining our hands.

3, Accurate: As inspector, we make sure order fulfillments are all correct.

4, Save cost: We know well the domestic market to get the most competitive price.

5, Convenient: We offer the integrated system to handle your order from start to the end.

6, Safe: By different periods of quality inspection, you won’t be surprised by what you receive.


When searching for a Chinese factory for production, many people choose to do the search themselves. However, this can be costly, tiresome, and unproductive, especially if China is far away in distance and in culture.

China Bee will handle the following tasks:

  • Find factories that have the equipment and the workers to do the job you require.
  • Decide which factories can best suit your ideal timeframe.
  • Make sure factories stay on time with their deadlines.
  • Make sure the prices are good.
  • Do quality control inspections.
  • Make sure the factories are ethical in all their practices.
  • Inspect products after completion to make sure they match your desires.


We will cut down your overall costs and make your factory work less stressful for you. Chinese culture is so involved with Chinese business, it is best to find a sourcing agent who is very familiar with Chinese culture and Chinese business relationship etiquette.

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The diaolou of Kaiping are fortified multi-storey towers, built by returning Chinese immigrants. They display a fusion of Chinese and Western decorative forms. The towers were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, when there were more than 3,000 of these structure.

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